Christian Service Center

Compelled by the love of Jesus Christ, the Christian Service Center for Central Florida seeks to mobilize the Central Florida community under one common mission: to eradicate poverty through the provision of services and resources that foster hope, well-being and empowerment.  The work of the Christian Service Center and those serving on its behalf shall be a living testament to Christ’s example – clothed in compassion, humility and servanthood; radiating grace, hope, love and above all, bringing glory to God. Faithful hands serve our neighbors in order to prevent homelessness, combat poverty, cultivate self-sufficiency, restore hope and glorify God through the faithful provision of services that directly address physical, emotional and spiritual needs for families and individuals who are struggling in Central Florida.


In-School Pantry Program

It’s Friday. Most kids are excited for the weekend activities, but Johnny’s wondering if he’ll even get a meal now that school’s out. Students like Johnny depend completely on school meals for their nutrition. According to the USDA’s report on Household Food Security, published in November 2010, nearly 25 percent of Americans with children struggle to put food on the table. The Christian Service Center found a way to help.

An “In-School Pantry” pilot program began in August 2011 in 13 Orange County public elementary schools. The Christian Service Center operates the program and Love Orlando fully funds it.

The “In-School Pantry” cabinet, in the form of a standup storage cabinet, is provided to the pilot schools at no cost to the schools. The cabinet is stocked weekly with 25 common food and hygiene items for students and their families, again at no cost to the pilot schools.  The school leadership is encouraged to provide these food and/or hygiene items directly from the “In-School Pantry” cabinet when a teacher or administrator has identified a family in need.

With this service, we can help our students focus better in school and stay healthy. So Johnny doesn’t have to worry about weekend meals and can look forward to Fridays with his friends once again.


Orlando Union Rescue Mission  

The Orlando Union Rescue Mission is one of Central Florida’s oldest and largest homeless service providers.  The Mission provides for immediate physical needs — including food, clothing and shelter — however, our programs are designed to lead the homeless to permanent independence built upon a personal relationship with Christ. Since 1948, the Orlando Union Rescue Mission’s purpose is to bring the hungry, hurting and homeless to a new life, new goals and a new future in Christ. We serve to enhance and strengthen the lives of our neighbors through our four featured programs: Men’s division, Women and Children’s Program, Family Life Center, and Bargain Store and Donation Center.


Jobs Partnership

The Jobs Partnership applies an innovative approach to workforce development that provides a lasting solution to the challenges of insecurity, low self-esteem, and inconsistent work ethic in today’s workplace. We are the partnership of churches, businesses, and community organizations that uses biblical principles to help people maximize their calling at work.  Our passion is to revive the American work ethic by reconnecting the church to the public square. We provide the framework for local churches to engage in transforming the world one community at a time by equipping individuals to work and support themselves and their families. We build relationships with businesses, local churches, and other community resources that build bridges to equip, empower, and employ people – motivating them to reach their God-given potential.



IDignity was created to help the disadvantaged in Central Florida overcome the difficulties of obtaining the personal identification that is crucial to enabling them to become self-sufficient. The documents that IDignity provides are required to apply for employment or school, obtain access to most shelters, vote, seek help from many social service programs, open a bank account or cash a check, secure housing or overcome many other obstacles to becoming self-sufficient. The solution was to expand the process that was conducted at Project Homeless Connect (PHC), which utilizes various agencies working together symbiotically. The agencies that IDignity events host are: the Florida Division of Driver’s License, Orange County Health Department (birth certificates), Veterans Affairs, Social Security Administration, legal counsel and others.


Frontline Outreach

Frontline Outreach, Orlando’s oldest outreach to urban children, is a monument to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, urban evangelist Tom Skinner’s message of hope, and C. R. and Estelle Smith’s dedication to serve youth in Orlando’s urban community. Serving over 1,000 people annually, the Team at Frontline offers educational and leadership programs for youth and families in urban Orlando. Our vision is to prepare young people to become world-class leaders through early childhood and character-development programs. Our goal is to reach every child in the apartment communities surrounding the Ministry.


Community Food and Outreach

At Community Food and Outreach, our mission is to help those in need transform their lives by providing food, crisis care, opportunities for education and employment, and to provide a helping hand to families, individuals and children that are fighting to break the cycle of poverty. We provide assistance to struggling families by meeting their basic needs, connecting those in crisis with the resources and tools needed to get back on their feet, and providing the training and skills necessary to help our neighbors get employment opportunities, achieve their dreams, and regain hope for their lives. We dedicate ourselves to give the community a place they can come to for help when they have nowhere else to turn. With unemployment, hunger, homelessness and hopelessness all around us, we need your help now more than ever.



The Orlando/Orange County COMPACT program is an education and business partnership aimed at addressing this issue: reducing the number of student drop-outs by providing mentors who challenge students to succeed and reach their maximum potential. COMPACT is the longest, continually operating in-school mentoring program in the state. The relationship with the Orange County Public School System ensures that each mentored student receives approximately one hour per week with his/her mentor in a classroom setting, and fosters a learning environment that encourages students to concentrate on academic, behavioral and social skills. By creating positive relationships, concentrating on academic excellence and community service, the COMPACT program prepares students to become responsible, contributing members of society. The partnership between COMPACT and local businesses provides a unique perspective into the needs of the business community. COMPACT students are your future employees, business owners and professionals. By mentoring a COMPACT student or participating in the program in other ways, YOU can influence their lives and help shape your community’s future!


Coalition for the Homeless

Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida was created in 1987 by a group of concerned citizens who noted a growing problem of homelessness in the community. The Coalition is now the largest provider of homeless services in Central Florida.

Our mission is to address the needs of the homeless in our community and to serve as a catalyst for community collaboration to end homelessness.

The Coalition is able to help approximately 700 people each day, including men, women and children. As one of the few emergency shelters that accept intact families in Central Florida, we see a large number of families in need of shelter and support. On any given night, the Coalition provides services to over 220 children, with a current average age of 10 years old. Last year, the Coalition served more than 302,000 meals.

But the Coalition doesn’t provide just a safety net for emergencies. Our goal is to return our residents to self-sufficiency through counseling, job training, and educational programs. While our clients work to reestablish productive lives, we provide transitional housing and daycare for their children until they are ready to move back into the community.


Commission for Homelessness

The Central Florida Commission on Homelessness (“CFCH”) is a partnership of public / private community leaders working to enact the strategies of Ten2End. Ten2End is a ten year plan to end homelessness in Central Florida in the next decade. The plan outlines steps not to just manage but to permanently end the problem within 10 years. Based on National Models the plan zeros in on the gaps in existing programs and identifies the practical steps necessary to prevent and end homelessness effectively.


Polis Institute
Polis Institute, Inc. was founded in 2009 to improve well-being in the city. We believe that well-being will improve only when then talents of the poor are properly engaged. To that end, we work on two fronts: directly with the most distressed populations of the city and alongside the leadership of non-profit organizations dedicated to addressing poverty. The goal on both fronts is the same: to engage the talents of the poor in initiatives that strengthen the community in measurable ways. We are currently active in the Orlando metropolitan area and in South Atlanta.


Matthew’s Hope

Matthew’s Hope, based in Winter Garden, is a non-profit homeless outreach completely funded and supported by the local community and volunteers representing over 25 churches, civic organizations, and area businesses. It all began with a “Freeze Warning” Shelter offering the homeless a place to escape the cold when temperatures dropped to dangerous lows. This outreach has now has expanded to offer many services to the homeless community of West Orange county every Tuesday from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM at the conclusion of our evening meal. The volunteers of Matthew’s Hope help connect our structurally challenged friends with various resources and services such as medical & dental assistance, food stamps, Florida ID’s, Social Security, mental health care, disability and VA benefits along with offering showers, haircuts, clothing, shoes, tents, bikes, hygiene products and much more. Donations can be dropped off at any time. You may leave your donation on the front porch at our facility. Thank you for your part in assisting the “least of these.”


2nd Chances Resale Shoppe

2nd Chances Resale Shoppe is a ministry of First Orlando. We provide high quality, gently used merchandise at an affordable price. 100% of all net revenues are used to support mission causes of First Orlando.

The shoppe provides an important retail service to the community and surrounding neighborhoods by offering affordable gently used clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics, tools and more; support services for recently incarcerated men and women in their first 72 hours of release, the homeless of the Orlando community and the First Life Center for Pregnancy, a ministry of First Baptist Orlando.


Lydia House 

Lydia House is a non-profit organization and a ministry of First Baptist Church of Orlando and Hope Church of Orlando. Our mission is to minister to women who were incarcerated, by providing shelter and a Faith-based program that teaches Biblical Life Principles. We build on the foundations that led them to eternal life found in Christ, create lasting change in their lives and bring glory to God.