My husband and 11 month-old baby hiked up the stairs of the hotel to find the room number given to us. We had just run into volunteers who said that people did not take their boxes because they had food stamps and they wanted someone more needy to get the food.

My husband and I were disappointed because we had gone to Publix and bought fresh fruit and chocolate to give in addition to the box of dry goods, and we prayed that the person would need and appreciate the food.

We got to the room and a young woman (early twenties) opened the door.

She was so grateful. I could tell she was anxious and in need – not only for food but for emotional support, so my husband and I took her hand and prayed with her. We gave her our phone number and invited her (and her boyfriend) to church. We told her if she came to call us and we would meet her and sit with her.

We continue to pray for her and her boyfriend (who wasn’t there when we arrived) . We pray that she will call. My husband and I felt the Holy Spirit as we left, and we were filled with joy. We are so grateful for the opportunity to love people through this project.

Thank you.

-mdt9000 (delivered a box of groceries on March 20)