God’s glory is being felt in a powerful way. Because of the partnership with the Christian Service Center, families are already being touched. This is this first family that has been helped at the Christian Service Center through the Love Orlando Fund to prevent homeless families provided by the congregation at First Baptist Orlando. Thank you for letting us share this story with you. Without this assistance, this would have been another family displaced from their home.

Tamisha’s Story:

When Tamisha received the eviction notice, she wasn’t surprised. She knew she was behind on her rent. Her landlord had been very sympathetic, but was still running a business.

After the Christmas Season was over, Tamisha had lost her job as a customer service representative at a local department store. Her new hourly wage job at a cleaning supply company was almost half her previous salary. As a divorced mother, she couldn’t cover rent and support her two children, D’Andre and Shania. Last week, Tamisha pawned her wedding ring just to pay for bus transportation to get to work. Now what was she going to do?

A friend told Tamisha about 211. The 211 operator referred her to the Christian Service Center. She made an appointment with Luis, a case manager. He sat down with her in a comfortable setting and discussed what her family needed. Because of the Love Orlando Prevent Homeless Families Fund, the Center was able to help her with rent assistance to avoid the eviction notice.

Tamisha is still looking for another job, which she knows will happen. She can’t give up. “This is the first time I have ever had to ask anyone for help.” Tamisha says, “I tell my children, don’t put the word ‘can’t’ into your vocabulary. ‘Can’t’ is a failure. Believe in yourself.”

Tamisha would like to be able to tell the people at First Baptist Orlando a big thank you for helping her family. “Don’t give up on us. You gave a gift from your heart that I can never repay. You gave me renewed hope.”