I have been “Loving Orlando” on a small scale this year.

It was sparked by something the pastor said from the pulpit about a lady making homeless hygiene kits.  I used to make them for my life group about 10 years ago (right after leaving NOBTS Seminary- that’s where I got the idea) until it just seemed the people lost interest.  When I heard about her story, I started creating them again for my Life Group.

So far this year, I have created about 200 of them.  I wanted the word of God to go with them, so at first, I was including a tract.  Then, someone offered me a few Gideon Bibles.  When those ran out (and I couldn’t get any more), I went to American Bible Society and bought a box of 50 (for $55).

The pastor wanted all of us to have a goal of giving out a bible to someone.  In those kits, my friends and I will have passed out 75 bibles and the number is still growing.

The homeless hygiene kits include a bible, soap (from Clean the World), washcloth, toothpaste, toothbrush, peanut butter crackers, gum, and a comb.  All this is packed into a (preferably) quart sized bag.

Someone came up to me and told me they needed 300 of them at Christmas time for one of the shelters in Orlando!  I can’t make 300 of them financially ($900 at once), so I told them that wasn’t possible. But every day, I can make a small difference.

There is a guy in my life group who was reluctant to take one in the group that passed one out and the person receiving it enthusiastically said, “Thank You MAN!  I needed this!  God Bless you Man!”

I am currently in Macon and the Cherry Blossom Festival is going on.  I think my mom and I are going to create some for Macon’s homeless (She has Gideon bibles on-hand). My goal for giving to this campaign is large for my income (very large).  Could you pray for God to provide it in amazing ways?