I received a box of food from a member from your church who stopped by my room. I am writing to you to express my heartfelt thanks, as I write this I struggle to hold back the tears.

You see, I had a business for many years that my former partner did some underhanded things. I had it all: 2 Mercedes, a Porsche, million dollar home, beautiful wife and daughter, 3 wonderful pets… the American Dream… gone in the blink of an eye (actually within a few months). My wife and I are working on getting back together (she is in the Keys working and renting a room with my daughter and I love them both so much). I am at “Home Suite Home” in Kissimmee, and I am grateful for everything. I will survive!

Enough of my story, your organization and your loving members need to know that their kind efforts are so appreciated, beyond what words my heart feels but my lips cannot express I thank you. I wish to extend to you and all of those wonderful families who sacrificed their time, energy, and money to help and, I say this on behalf of all who are here, May God bless you all!

-Glen (received a box of groceries on March 20)